Use our phones and buy a new car

No really.

I’m Carl and my role at NKC Group is Cloud Computing Guru and resident Microsoft whizz, I don’t really understand how phones work but what I do I understand is cold hard cash, we have just been to see a company that was paying £68.15 per month in line rental to BT and over £200 per month in call charges. They had also been told that they needed a new system at a cost of £3000.


We went and installed our VoIP system for £150 upfront then £16.25 per month for line rental and the call charges were £52 for the first month. Saving a whopping £200 per month and £2850 upfront investment. For that you could have a brand new Alfa Romeo Mito.


I know what I would do, if you’re interested get in touch and I will arrange for our man who knows phones to get in touch.




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