Are you are looking for a Business Phone System with minimal or no capital expenditure? Then our Hosted system is the ideal solution for your


Our Hosted solution is a cost effective, fully managed business voice solution, available anywhere in the UK and Ireland, offering a flexible and scalable alternative to a traditional on premise based voice system.


Effectively, Hosted solution provides a switchboard capability to you that are managed from our telephone exchange, meaning that you avoid all the day-to-day hassle and costs of managing the phone system yourself.




Cost effective – utilisation of our central exchange removes the need for capital expenditure and on-going costs.


Lower call charges – savings of 40% are often seen by our customers.


Fully managed – we monitor the Hosted network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at no additional cost to you.


Unlimited growth – you don’t have to worry about network capacity issues or expensive system upgrades with our Hosted solution. Additional lines can be made available, simply by accessing your online account.


Short term contracts – set up extensions on a month to month basis. No need to commit to long term contracts.


Multiple locations – desk-to-desk dialling and feature interaction is supported across all sites within a local group.


Future proofing – Users are protected against their network investment becoming obsolete, as we continue to invest in the latest technology.


Flexible and feature rich – Our solution offers a range of executive business features that can be customised to departmental or individual user requirements.


Remote working – employees will benefit from the flexibility of being able to work from home and other locations via internet connections and other offices on the internal network.