I’m not a Solicitor

Hi I am Carl Enser the Cloud Computing Guru at NKC Group.


I’m not a solicitor so I haven’t written my own will, I’m not an accountant so I don’t do our accounts. I outsource these tasks to specialists in their respective fields, because I believe in having the right tool and right person for the job.


I am an IT professional and have been improving the way small and medium businesses work using IT for over 10 years.


If you’re not an IT professional then ask yourself, am I doing IT in the best way possible?


Here at NKC Group we know that the Cloud is the best possible way to deliver IT.


The Cloud takes the idea of the right tool and right person for the job to the next level, not only is the Cloud hosted in the best IT facilities in the world, it is managed by the best and brightest IT minds in the world.


Now can you say that about your IT setup today?


The Cloud also has much more benefits such as simplifying the way IT is used. Don’t worry about backups ever again knowing that a team of specialist Backup and recovery experts and monitoring this every minute of every day.


Reducing upfront expenses and eliminating unexpected cost is a huge benefit of the Cloud, no more expensive servers and no more single point of failure resulting in thousands of pounds of consultancy charges to get your server backup and running when things go wrong.


There are many more reasons why the Cloud is right for your business right now. If you would like a FREE Cloud readiness assessment, contact NKC group on 01260 217 917 or email us at carl@nkcgroup.co.uk.




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