Mar 2015

Hi and Welcome from the New Social Media Team

A big welcome to the newest member of the team, Shannon. Shannon is here as our new Digital Marketing specialist. She will run the Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as doing web design, adwords and Google analytics.


Dec 2013

Improve Productivity by Deploying Office 365

For a long time, Microsoft Office has been synonymous with business environment computing. Whether it’s used for editing documents in Word, spreadsheets in Excel or presentations in PowerPoint, the powerful and all-encompassing suite of applications is a staple of workplaces across the world. But what if it could extend further than that? What if your employees could keep working wherever they are: not just on…

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Apr 2013

Office 2003 and Windows XP

Office 2003 and Windows XP – Support Ends April 8, 2014   Why is Microsoft ending support for Windows XP and Office 2003?   In 2002 Microsoft introduced its Support Lifecycle policy based on customer feedback to have more transparency and predictability of support for Microsoft products. As part of this policy, Microsoft products, including Windows and Office products, receive a minimum of 10 years of support (5 years…

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Keep Calm and Let a Local IT Support Company Fix your problem


Mar 2013

Local IT Support

So you are looking for local IT support?   You want a company that is close enough to respond quickly but large enough to have the skills to fix your problems when they do turn up?   Well you are in the right place we are a national IT Support company with local IT support knowledge.   So whether you’re in Aberdeen or Anglesey, Yarmouth…

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Dec 2012

Why do I need an IT Support Contract?

At some point you may have wondered if you need IT support or why you would need an IT support contract. Some companies offer it like insurance, you get help when there’s a problem.   IT support is important whatever the size of your business. Small companies often cannot justify employing an IT expert and this often causes huge problems when they experience IT problems,…

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Nov 2012

sNOw way we will be stopped

With the winter drawing in and snow already landing on our shores how will your business survive the snow? Last year snow caused millions of people unable to make it to the office, with our cloud system ‘Office 365’ you can work from anywhere at any time. So contact us and try Office 365 now.   Office 365 will let you:   [rb_list type=”circles”][rb_list_item]Get the…

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Donate to our MOvember casue


Nov 2012

Donate to our MOvember casue

Now we are fully registered and setup for MOvember, please donate a few pounds to what is a great and worthwhile cause.          


Nov 2012

MOvember is here!

Well it’s that time of the year again when Movember strikes. This year both myself and Carl will be part of the Movember cause and try and grow the best tash (or Mo) as possible. Check back every couple of days and we’ll have updates galore.              


Oct 2012

Power down your servers

Have you ever wondered how much it’s costing you to leave your server on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?   Once you’ve measured the power draw in watts (or guesstimated the power draw), you’ll need to convert that to kilowatt-hours. Here’s the kilowatt-hour calculation for my server, which draws ~200 watts:   200 watts * (8,760 hours per year) / 1000 = 1752…

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